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    Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve put something up on our blog.  I’m going to blog once a week and see how that goes.  I know it sounds weird, because it’s been like 4 years!  So I’ll just dive in here!  Been reflecting on 1 John 4:16 and to me that verse sums up my last 6 months.  Trust in God’s love, not luck, fate, my wisdom or how I can figure it out and clarify everything, because I can’t!  I think for now I’ll rely and trust in His love and what He’s got for me and my family.  These last months have been different.  We’ve lived in the greater LA area for 6 months for furlough and it’s been a big transition for us.  Very different than our time in Kenya.  We’ll head back to Kenya in January 2014!!!  In the meantime, we’re visiting supporting churches, spending some good time with family members and getting kids into college.  Until next week, say a prayer for our family and reflect with us on: “We know how much God loves us, and we have put our trust in his love”

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  • Stateside Ministry

    It’s been 2 months, and we’ve visited 6 States. It’s been a blast, seeing the sites, catching up with family and sharing with our churches the great work going on in Nairobi, Kenya. We’ve had BBQ’s, potlucks, lunches, dinners and much more. I’ve gained 10lbs! Double double’s at In-and-Out. Love you guys, I’ll write more tomorrow…Ham Fam

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  • Depair to Hope

    Mathare kids finding waterA poem by Jim Shimer.  He wrote it on his way home from working in Mathare with the Westlink team:

    As an act of obedience, to Mathare we came

    And now our lives will never be the same.

    For we witnessed a rescue that was epic in scope,

    As we watched God move people from depair into hope.

    It’s hard to imagine a place more full of depair.

    One may exist, but I sure don’t know where.

    The surroundings are filthy, the homes are all dark.

    You’d never go there on a whim or a lark.

    With walls of mud and roofs of rusty tin,

    It seems like everything but light can get in.

    If ever you hear me gripe, complain or grouse,

    Remind me my closet’s as big as their house.

    The sun beats down hot and there’s seldom a breeze,

    And the use of flying toilets spreads their disease.

    With no sewer and few toilets, it smells like a sty,

    Cause people put waste in a bag and then let it fly.

    This is the setting in which we saw God’s might,

    As we shared the gospel and gave out the light.

    We opened a window in the roof and in came the sun,

    And some of the people opened their hearts to God’s Son.

    This is the devil’s territory and it’s caught in his grip,

    But with power from the Lord, some gave him the slip.

    Now there is hope where once was despair,

    As some have discovered that God really does care.

    By Jim Shimer

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  • They came and they conqured

    The Westlink team has come and gone, but it was great. They finished the time here with saying good bye to those who committed their lives to Christ. We met on Tuesday and shared with one another, prayed, listened to the word and encouraged one another. It was a great day. Blessings to them and we thank them for taking the time, effort and sacrifice in sharing their lives with the people of Mabatini in the Mathare Valley.

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  • Westlink does it again!

    Our friends from Westlink Christian put 10 more fiberglass sheets in and several others committed their lives to Christ. The love of God is being shown in practical ways. On Tuesday the 21st, those who professed their faith will meet at 2:00 together with the Westlink group. God is good.

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  • Westlink Christian Church

    Bring the Light

    Bring the Light

    We have a small group from Westlink Christian Church and they began work in the Mathare Valley today. They’re doing “bring the light”, which includes placing a piece of fiberglass in a dark shanty and presenting Jesus as the Light of the world. 14 people gave their lives to Christ today. Praise God with us.

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  • Hi

    Welcome to our new blog site.  Enjoy!  Keith and Kathy Ham

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